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Feedback, Complaints & Compliments

Feedback, Complaints & Compliments Information:

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This page is to help you Complain or give us some Feedback or a Compliment.

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It is okay to complain if you are not happy. 

Tell us when you are upset about:

  • Your supports

  • Workers

  • Us (Provider Name)

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You can talk to My Right 2 Voice on 0421497071 or 0421490878

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You can ask someone you trust to help you complain, provide feedback or a compliment.

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You can ask an Advocate to help you.

An Advocate is someone who speaks up for you if you cannot speak up for yourself.

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Not sure who to help you.

Talk to Human Resources who will help you find someone. Email -

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We will try to fix your problem

We will talk to you about your problem

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We will keep anything you say private.

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Please note if your child is under the age of 6 fill out this feedback form located here instead.

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We want to hear your feedback so that we can improve our business.

fill out the following form if you would like otherwise email our H.R. department                      ( )

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Please get in touch

This is
What is this regarding?
I am a

Follow Up Details

Did this form help provide feedback, compliment or complaint?Strongly DisagreeDisagreeUndecidedAgreeStrongly AgreeDid this form help provide feedback, compliment or complaint?
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Still not Happy?

You can tell:

NDIS Commission - Call 1800 03 55 44 (This is a free call from landlines)

Or online - click here.

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