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Workshops & Consulting

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Workshops & Consulting

The disability sector has been stagnant in the services that have been provided over the past 20 years. Companies compete instead of sharing knowledge and helping development.


We believe that the best way to progress and have positive outcomes is to put the person first and collaborate with other professionals to achieve positive outcomes.


This is why we provide consultancy and specialised workshops for disability support companies and specialist at reasonable rates. My Right 2 Voice also has practitioners trained in functional education (i.e. ASDAN education). 

Behaviour Support

We have two behaviour support workshops available that take 2 hours each. The first workshop provides theory and models into viewing behaviour support from a Psychological Perspective. The second workshop looks at assessment, intervention, and recordings. 


We have a one hour presentation that defines the different types of trauma, how they present, the difference between trauma and disability, and the importance of connection. 


If there are other areas that you feel your organisation needs further training and development, we would be happy to create a workshop in collaboration with you.

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